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May Full Moon-- Milk Moon June Full Moon- Flower Moon July Full Moon- Hay Moon August Full Moon- Grain Moon September Full Moon-- Fruit Moon October Full Moon- Harvest Moon November Full Moon- Hunter's Moon December Full Moon- Yule Moon Nature loves a burst of Submitted by diamondlips on August 10, 2017 - 5:44am Interesting question! Beaver Moon Meaning November Moon: The full moon name for November.

  • Grandmother Moon Art In her Moonpaths collection of drawings and paintings, Mary Trewhella, shows us the influence of Grandmother Moon on the planet and all its beings.

  • Full Worm Moon Hard Crust on the Snow Moon : As the temperatures begin to rise, the snow melts and the earth softens and becomes mud.

  • Better yet, take a few moments to honor the full moon as she reveals herself each month.

I encourage you to continue your ruminations on Native American full moon names by investigating other tribal moon names.

  • Cold Moon Meaning December Cold Moon: The symbolic full moon name for December.

  • In parentheses, to give an idea of the variety of names used among different tribes, are the , one of the largest Algonquin tribes in the Great Lakes area.

  • Wípazuka Wasté Win — Moon of the June Berries Canpásapa Wi — Moon When the Chokecherries Are Ripe Wasúton Wi — Moon of the Harvest Ptanyétu — The Moons of Change Autumn As summer gave way to fall, the Lakota got ready for winter.