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During a study session at the apartment, they begin to discuss their future, and Sayu wonders what her future hold.

  • Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Official Site in Japanese.

  • Well-meaning, perhaps, but hurtful all the same.

  • Korra's spirit then subdued the Dark Avatar and recreated Raava.

Ogiwara returns and says Mrs.

  • While he thinks about it, he gets a desperate phone call from Asami, who frantically replies that she can't find Sayu anywhere.

  • Despite all the hate it gets, most fans agree that is a fairly decent show that gave all Avatar fans another story set in the universe that they all loved so much.

  • Before heading home, she asks him at the first time they had met, whether he would still take her home if she was an adult.